RedCloud is a web based platform, which allows you to easily share files with privileged users in a secure manner.

With RedCloud you will be sharing files securely in no time :

  • Setup folders per project or per customer
  • Upload files to the folders
  • Setup an account for the intended recipients and assign access rights per user / per folder.

RedCloud will do the rest :

  • New users automatically receive an invitation email with a registration link
  • Each user completes the registration process online (set password etc.)
  • Users are notified via email when new files are uploaded in the folders they have access to.
  • All activity is logged to provide complete activity reports on demand

As a bonus, the -"I did not get that email"- excuses will be a thing of the past.

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Main features :

Organising / Uploading files

  • Setup folders & nested folders to organise the files and the access privileges.
  • Unlimited nesting levels.
  • Familiar metaphor & interface (Windows File Manager / OS X Finder)
  • Upload files in bulk (to same folder)
  • All file types supported - max file size easily configured

User features

  • Search files by file ID or by file name
  • Find files by browsing authorized folders
  • View file name + meta data (File type, Description, File size, Date uploaded)
  • Download single file by clicking the file name.
  • Download multiple files as a zip file.
  • Receive email notifications when subscribed folders are updated (optional)
  • Configure email notifications frequency : immediate / weekly summary.

User Management / User Roles

  • Easy user registration (invitation via email) / integrated registration process.
  • Integrated self administered password management.
  • Folder based user access control.
  • Granular access control: File Viewer / File Manager / Administrator / Super Admin.
  • File manager can upload files (also as a user).
  • Organize users in groups for quicker access management.
  • [User Permissions mode] for easy access management

File Sharing methods

  • Share via user login : File access controlled by folder access rights
  • Share via email link with login
  • Share via email link without login
  • Set expiry time for the links not requiring login
  • Optional email notification when file is downloaded


  • All access over https (all file up- & down- load traffic is encrypted).
  • All uploaded files are scanned for viruses.
  • Uploading encrypted files allowed.
  • App is developed according to the best coding practices specified by ISO 27001:2013.
  • App is security scanned and monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • Daily backup of user profiles and file uploaded.

Reporting & Tracking

  • All file up- & down- loads are logged with a time stamp.
  • Full stats on all activity by folder / folder tree by browsing the folder tree.
  • Set date range for viewing stats.
  • Stats highlights : top 50 downloaders / top 50 uploaders / top 100 files downloaded.
  • [Statistics mode] for easy access to the stats.

Regulatory & Compliance

Guaranteed hosting in Europe : Luxembourg or Germany
(other countries available on request).

Your logo, your colors, your cloud

  • Customize look & feel with your logo / colors
  • Host under your own subdomain :

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Red Dog Communications provides integrated web development services in Luxembourg and abroad since 1996. A look at our references will show you that time has brought not only experience, but also the trust of some of the most important online authorities: Symantec, SES-ASTRA, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, SwissLife and many others.

ISO-IEC 27001

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