By definition, all www content lives in the global village; multi-cultural, multi-language.

Localization is not only translation from the source language to a target language, but also translation from one culture to another.

RedDog uses Wordbee, a web-based translation management system, to deliver localization services for your projects.

Localization process

Approved source content (in a source language) is organized on logical content blocks based on context

The source content is uploaded in the system

The system checks the new source content against the translation memory (for your projects if it exists).

Translations are completed and verified manually by real translators

The translated content is then transferred to the CMS to create the localized versions of the source pages.

Top features

Collaborative translation shortens the translation cycle, improving delivery times by 50% or better!

Collaborative translation

Shortens the translation cycle and promotes true localization vs. just translation. All actors in the translation process (stakeholders, translators, reviewers, project managers) can collaborate through the Wordbee platform.

Computer-assisted translation

Integrates the “best in class” tools to create an optimized translation workflow which saves time and improves quality.

CMS Integration

Using the Wordbee API, we can connect any CMS directly to Wordbee, helping automate the translation management process.Large businesses or those with a large content footprint often need to integrate their CMS with their translation processes and tools.

Translation memory

Improves consistency and quality of translations and reduces the translation efforts required.


Red Dog Communications provides integrated web development services in Luxembourg and abroad since 1996. A look at our references will show you that time has brought not only experience, but also the trust of some of the most important online authorities: Symantec, SES-ASTRA, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, SwissLife and many others.

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